The Vision 

To spread the ʻike of the Hawaiian culture as passed down to Kumu Kamaolipua from her kūpuna and Kumu to be shared through teachings, workshops, and her alakaʻi.

The word Hālau is defined as a long house for canoes, the place of instruction for hula, and a meeting house. Figuratively, it means “shade of trees.” Nāpua o Kalei Maoli Ola means the "flowers of the living native garland." Therefore,

Hālau Nāpua o Kalei Maoli Ola means a “place of learning for the flowers of the living native garland."


Here in Hālau Nāpua o Kalei Maoli Ola every haumana or student is a special flower with their own distinct color, scent and design. When fashioned with other flowers to make a lei, the beauty of this lei is stunning. 


Hālau Nāpua o Kalei Maoli Ola is a hālau that seeks to be a place where the traditions, values and practices of my Hawaiian culture as taught to me by my kūpuna and nā kumu can be shared with those who seek ka ʻike or the knowledge.  This place of learning is about a culture steeped in spirituality and traditions. 


My vision is that through Hālau Nāpua o Kalei Maoli Ola, the values, teachings and traditions of my kūpuna will continue to live and thrive throughout the world. I believe that the world will be a better place when we can understand and share the Spirit of Aloha.

~Kumu Kamaolipua Grace


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