The word Hālau is defined as a long house for canoe, the instruction of hula and a meeting house.  The figurative meaning is “shade of trees.” 


Nāpua O Kalei Maoli Ola  means the flowers of the living native garland.  Therefore, Hālau Nāpua O Kalei Maoli Ola means a “place of learning for the flowers of the living native garland" My kaona of this meaning is that each and every student or haumana of

Hālau Nāpua O Kalei Maoli Ola is a special flower with their own distinct color, scent and design, when fashioned with other flowers to make a lei, the beauty of this lei is stunning. It was a vision that I saw at a hoʻike at Half Moon Bay. The vision was an umbrella or a shade of trees that would reach out to share all the teachings that have been passed to me.


Hālau Nāpua O Kalei Maoli Ola is a hālau unlike many hālau hula today.  This is a place of learning not just hula, but the traditions, values and practices taught to me by my kupuna and the nā kumu in my life.  This place of learning is about discovering a culture whose practices are steeped in spirituality and a value known as aloha. Teachings include the practice of hula, mele, hoʻokipa, hoʻoponopono and much more.

Hālau Nāpua O Kalei Maoli Ola exists in different areas of the continent and they are known as the paukū or districts of this hālau. These paukū are managed by the alakaʻi or leaders that I have personally chosen and are under my guidance and direction.  

-Kumu Kamaolipua


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