Kaleopono was given her Hawaiian name by her Kumu, or teacher.  It literally translates to Righteous Voice.  One way she is living into her name is through teaching, singing, and leading ceremony.  Kaleopono is a lover of all things Hawaiian, and has studied Hawaiian culture, chant, spirituality and the cultural practice of Ho'oponopono for many years.  She is passionate about the teachings her Kumu, Diane Kamaolipua Grace from the Big Island of Hawaii, has generously shared with her along with her own self study.  With her Kumu's blessing she now embraces the kuleana - responsibility and privilege - of sharing what she has learned with those that are interested. 

Her teaching focuses on Hawaiian chant and mele (songs), cultural teaching, history, spirituality and the practice of Ho'oponopono.  Ho'oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of family conflict resolution as taught to her by her Kumu.  Kumu Kamaolipua's teaching is based on her family practices, honoring the tradition and culture of her 'ohana. Kaleopono is open to anyone that is respectful of the power of these spiritual teachings and who will welcome them with grace and honor. 

Kaleopono is honored to be part of the Hālau Nāpua o Kalei Maoli Ola, which is a place to learn culture, spirituality, chant, sacred crafts and more.  She is honored to be an alaka'i, or leader, within this Hālau.  She also offers spiritual ceremonies for weddings, life celebrations, house blessings, and others, while adding a touch of Hawaiian culture and spirituality.

Visit her website at kaleopono.net

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