Hālau Roles & Kuleana

The Kumu

The role of the Kumu is to be the source and foundation from which all practices are taught. She is a leader who will instruct in practices of hoʻoponopono, hoʻokipa, storytelling, dance movements, chanting, and costume and instrument making. Qualities of this Kumu include being a teacher, mentor, artist, manager, spiritual leader, and facilitator. As a leader she will share her knowledge with her students, while also guiding them in spiritual disciplines, personal ethics, and learning to live in the spirit of Aloha. She also arranges and coordinates performances, hoʻike, and ceremonies.

Haumana, Hoʻopaʻa, ʻŌlapa & Alakaʻi

In this hālau there are the following: Haumana - students, pupils, apprentices; Hoʻopaʻa - those proficient in the oli (chant) and playing of the instruments and ability to lead a performance; ʻŌlapa - dancers; and Alakaʻi - leader of the haumana as directed by the Kumu.

Alakaʻi can be ʻōlapa, hoʻopaʻa and haumana at the same time. The role of the haumana is to be supportive, honest, and courageous, to know one's kuleana, and to live in the spirit and principles of Aloha.

Alakaʻi Kuleana

Each alakaʻi will be responsible for their own individual paukū, but still uphold and teach within the same framework and foundation. They are responsible to instruct the haumana in the lessons, as instructed and given by the Kumu, of hula, oli, mele, history, and culture. Responsibilities for each paukū might be different. For example, one may not have hula and only offer oli, mele, and culture, or have some combination.

Other roles of the Alaka'i:

- Responsible to maintain harmony within the hālau.

- Responsible to mālama day-to-day dues and monies, including bookkeeping of hālau dues and monies

- Contribute with ideas and suggestions of the continued growth of the hālau and to the website, social media, and advertising in regards to hālau.

- Assist Kumu with workshops, performances, and hoʻike.

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